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Formosan and Native Subterranean Termite Specialists

There are basically four treatment methods used for subterranean termite control—soil barrier treatment, pre-construction soil treatment, wood borate treatment and baiting system. The best treatment for your home will depend on many factors that are unique to your home and your termite problem. A Termite Damage Repair Warranty is available on qualifying structures.

Soil Barrier Treatment - trenching and treating the perimeter of your home or commercial property with a liquid termiticide barrier.

Pre-construction Treatment—a liquid termiticide application to the foundation soil during the construction phase providing immediate protection for your new structure.

Wood Borate Treatment—a combination of borate-based products are applied directly to wood surfaces. This safe and effective process is commonly used with new structure framing, fences and decks.

Baiting System—Your Sentricon® Authorized Operator The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination S
ystem protects structures from Formosan and Native Subterranean termites utilizing a monitoring and baiting process. Sentricon® eliminates the colony which removes the threat of structural damage. The Sentricon® System has eliminated subterranean termite colonies in homes like yours nationwide and is protecting hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial properties.

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